Hare Krishna! The Man, The Mantra & The Movie in London

Everyone knows the words: ‘Hare Krishna’. But not everyone knows why this phrase is so renowned. Of course the orange-garbed Hare Krishna are a familiar sight to anyone who works, rests or plays in and around that main artery pulsing through the heart of London’s West End known to all and sundry as W1’s Oxford… Continue reading Hare Krishna! The Man, The Mantra & The Movie in London

London Mellows

Some things never really change, particularly in Central London. And, on this spectacularly mild and sunny Autumn Saturday morning, it’s business as usual on good old Oxford Street. Business as Usual – London’s Oxford Street However, I’ve not, on this occasion, come on down to purchase anything, or indeed moseyed along here even just to window-shop.… Continue reading London Mellows

Keep Calm – and (Don’t Yet) Drink Coffee

The back-door opens suddenly and unexpectedly, as what can only be a late-comer (or a casual intruder) steps out into Trew Era café’s back-yard, where four of us are sitting in the sunshine with our eight eyes collectively closed. This wasn’t supposed to happen. We are a good three minutes into our Sunday Morning meditation,… Continue reading Keep Calm – and (Don’t Yet) Drink Coffee

Karmic Cuppa

“Have I actually got TIME for a cappuccino?” I tentatively ask, out here in Trew Era Café’s backyard, where I have only just (breathlessly) arrived. The Blessed Gary has just stuck his head out through the back-door to ask whether we need anything. “Yeah – you’ve got time” he replies, disappearing back indoors. It’s Sunday,… Continue reading Karmic Cuppa

Cosmic Cappuccino

“What was the wedding like?” This question is not directed at me. It’s a random snippet of conversation that has somehow succeeded in sliding its way out from underneath Hoxton ‘Trew Era’ Café’s firmly closed back-door, to emerge here in the back-yard, where there are five of us poised and ready to immerse ourselves in this… Continue reading Cosmic Cappuccino