Hare Krishna! The Man, The Mantra & The Movie in London

Everyone knows the words: ‘Hare Krishna’. But not everyone knows why this phrase is so renowned. Of course the orange-garbed Hare Krishna are a familiar sight to anyone who works, rests or plays in and around that main artery pulsing through the heart of London’s West End known to all and sundry as W1’s Oxford… Continue reading Hare Krishna! The Man, The Mantra & The Movie in London

Keep Calm – and (Don’t Yet) Drink Coffee

The back-door opens suddenly and unexpectedly, as what can only be a late-comer (or a casual intruder) steps out into Trew Era café’s back-yard, where four of us are sitting in the sunshine with our eight eyes collectively closed. This wasn’t supposed to happen. We are a good three minutes into our Sunday Morning meditation,… Continue reading Keep Calm – and (Don’t Yet) Drink Coffee

Pink Greens

    Does pink taste any better than green? “Have you had your greens today?” It’s a valid question, but usually one without a particularly inspired answer from yours truly. Unless a couple of fresh basil leaves perched precariously on top of spaghetti bolognese – and teetering on the brink of sinking into an inviting,… Continue reading Pink Greens