I don’t know how I ever got through life before the *Brexit-Shopping-Trolley, *so named because It has Union Jacks plastered all over it I bought it in a huge (sugar) rush in the run-up to Article 50 Brexit (apparently) does mean Brexit Brexit-Trolley was conveniently standing in a shop-doorway when I had no time whatsoever… Continue reading THE BREXIT TROLLEY


“I’ve never smiled so much” says a rather striking-looking young Asian lady who’s just appeared at my side and started stepping stride-by-stride to the beat of mystical mantra music that’s melodiously buoying us into bustling Leicester Square this Saturday evening. But, as dusk falls around us, it’s the radiance of the girl’s whole countenance, rather than the… Continue reading DANCING IN THE STREET


Who wouldn’t be happy to (briefly) give up TV, shops, gym, coffee bars, or easy access to central London’s vast public transport network (and even the 55 bus!), in exchange for three days of relative seclusion in magnificent surroundings, with yoga, woodland rambles, glorious vegetarian food and – last but by no means least –… Continue reading NOISE PARADOX

Pink Greens

    Does pink taste any better than green? “Have you had your greens today?” It’s a valid question, but usually one without a particularly inspired answer from yours truly. Unless a couple of fresh basil leaves perched precariously on top of spaghetti bolognese – and teetering on the brink of sinking into an inviting,… Continue reading Pink Greens